Best thing that happened to me today….

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a great Tuesday!

So one thing that I like to try to do every day (or at least on rather stressful days or days where not much has happened), is to recap the “best thing that happened to me today.” My sister, Sami, and I do it all the time, and although it is probably cheesy and potentially embarrassing to admit, I like to think that it helps make blah days more exciting and helps to bring a more positive focus to not-so-thrilling situations.


It doesn’t have to be anything big. Sometimes, the best part of my day is the hummus and vegetable sandwich I had for lunch, while on others, it may be getting an important assignment at work or going out with friends that I haven’t seen in forever.  It is not important what the actual event is, but rather the importance of refocusing your day to view the good versus the bad.

When life is stressful and overwhelming, or even static and dull, I like to think that there is always a way to view life in a positive way. I guess I have always been a “glass half full” type (random side note: my older sister, Lindsay actually bought me one of those”half full glasses for Christmas… never knew those existed).

I get the point, but is it wrong that it irritates me that you can't fill the entire glass? What if I'm really thirsty?

It is not always easy, and sometimes I  think it is much easier to give in to negative thoughts. I know that when I start to doubt myself or question my confidence, it’s as if I go in a downward spiral of negative thinking. It is like I can’t turn it off. Sometimes I think it is often the stronger choice to recognize these negative thoughts and not give in to them.

So I don’t know how your day went, but whether it was the best day ever or possibly one that was a bit more stressful…. what was the best thing that happened to you today? I got some really exciting news at work today that made me really happy! I also took a Body Attack class tonight that kicked my butt, which I am always a fan of.


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