All about teamwork

Whenever my sister is busy or I am busy, we tend to help each other out, especially with meal planning/packing.

sandwich, veggies, apple, seltzer

Today, for example, my sister made my lunch for me. I don’t know why, but sometimes things taste so much better when you don’t make them yourself. Why is this? I literally would have made myself almost the same exact thing, but, for some reason, my lunch was extra delicious today (Thank you Sami!). 

I particularly enjoyed my sandwich, which contained tofu, spicy mustard, romaine, and pickles. I love the combination of tofu, mustard and pickles, it never disappoints.

So I know a lot of people aren’t into tofu, but I swear it can be delicious if you prepare it the right way. It has a very mild taste that can take on whatever flavor you want.. I like to think the options are endless… (which is similar to chicken, no?). They key for me is making sure it is pressed for long enough so it gets firm (I recently got a tofu press for Christmas which makes this so easy now!).

Anyway, I must get back to work, but I hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday! Hopefully you had a delicious lunch today as well!

Questions: Do you ever help out a roommate/sibling/spouse etc. with meal planning/packing? Why do certain foods taste better when you don’t make them (this is more rhetorical but Id love it if anyone had a good reason)? What did you have for lunch today?


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  1. I make lunch for my boyfriend daily! When he complains about something he didn’t want, he doesn’t get lunch the next day. Just kidding. I LOVE when other people make things for me to eat, I agree, it ALWAYS tastes better (ahhemm, Christmas Eve dinner).

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