My Food “Non-Negotiables”

One show that I hate to admit that I love is The Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. There is something so enticing about watching first dates go well (or crash and burn…). Plus, I think Patty is pretty hilarious.

One thing that Patty always tells “her millionaires” to do is to write down their non-negotiables when it comes to love and relationships. A non-negotiable in this sense is basically a trait , quality, or value that a person must possess in order for you to want date them (e.g., humor, be of a certain religion, want to have kids….).

Since I tend to always have food on the brain, I thought this could be kind of fun to do in regard to food/healthy living, as in,  what  non-negotiables do you have in regard to food? Basically, what food “rules” (I am using this term lightly) do you follow/must you follow on a normal basis?

As for me, a few food “non-negotiables” that I have are:

1. I must have 20-30 minutes each morning to eat breakfast

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I have a little routine I follow every weekday morning. I like  to set myself up on my living room couch to watch the news as I catch up on blogs on my phone/computer. I love having this quiet time to myself before I start the day. Regardless of what time I have to go into work, I always make sure I have at least 20 minutes planned for breakfast.

2. I have to drink a glass of water every morning before breakfast

I started doing this about a year ago (probably when I realized that I am awful at drinking water through out the day), and now it is something that I routinely do. I don’t know if it is really beneficial at all, but I find that I am thirsty in the morning now (which is weird because I used to hate the taste of water in the morning). I can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing…

3. I eat ranch on pizza

If I have had one too many drinks on a Friday or Saturday night, it is guaranteed that I will want a snack/snacks that night (ask any of my friends… I am a bottomless pit). Most likely, I will want pizza. The thing is, pizza is not complete in these instances unless I have ranch dressing to dip the pizza into.

I don’t even really like ranch dressing, and I really don’t eat that much pizza on a normal basis… but for some reason these two go together perfectly on those certain nights at 2 AM. I first discovered this at Penn State and now  it is just a fact of life. The ranch is mandatory.

4.  I pack my lunch for work every day

This is definitely a non-negoitiable for me. It first of all, saves me so much money, and also guarantees that I will always have a healthy/filling/delicious lunch during the week. I admit that it does take a little more time and effort to plan/pack my lunch (chopping veggies can take time), but with a little bit of prep work at the start of each week, I have pretty much streamlined the process.

5.  I must eat grilled cheese with yellow mustard

This one is kind of random, but if I eat a grilled cheese sandwich, I HAVE to have yellow mustard to dip it into (I am starting to notice that I have a weird dipping habit with certain foods…). I also prefer it to be French’s, but as long as it isn’t spicy/Dijon, etc. I’ll accept it. I guess I was raised to do this (I’m  pretty sure my mom/sisters do this as well), but grilled cheese isn’t the same without mustard to me. I probably would choose to eat something else if it wasn’t available. Anyone else do this?

So some of my “non-negotiables” are healthy habits while others are a bit more random I suppose…. I know we all have them though.

I am always interested in hearing what other people like to eat or how others eat on a daily basis (I suppose there is a reason why I love reading food blogs so much), so do you have any food “non-negotiables?”


2 responses

  1. I used to always have to pack my lunches for the entire week on Sunday nights. OCD much? That habit has stopped though. I also need to drink 2 Nalgenes of water every day. I also eat any and every treat offered to me throughout the day. Saying “no” is def a non-negotiable 🙂

    Your #1 Fan

  2. Dane I think you know I share a non-negotiable with you…ranch and pizza!!! MM!! I also have a weird thing about pairing certain sodas with certain fast foods, like Sprite with McDonald’s. Or Dr. Pepper and Larry and Carol’s when I’m sick 😉

    I think Heinz ketchup is pretty non-negotiable for me. Something Han and I talk about sometimes is when brand matters, and your non-negotiable post reminds me of that! Brand matters with peanut butter, but not with pasta (at least to me). Brand matters with conditioner but not with shampoo…you know?

    I love the pictures in your blog!

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