The power of to-do lists

I hate doing certain things and tend to put them off as long as possible. The things most often put at the end of my list are:

  • going to the bank (why must their hours be so inconvenient??)
  • doing my laundry (even though it takes an hour total… I put it off until I literally have no more socks/underwear left, which can take a while)
  • paying my bills (I write down when they are due, but always pay them a few days before they are considered late… why?)
  • cleaning my apartment (I am a neat person and hate to admit this one, but I probably do not clean as often as I should…)

I am lucky, though, that I enjoy doing things that I know a lot of people hate. Such as,

  • going grocery shopping (I can spend hours grocery shopping… I love it)
  • running errands (I love driving from place to place, doing random tasks – I think I did this a lot as a child with my mom so I’m guessing that’s where this comes from? I would rather run an errand than sit around any day)
  • getting myself to the gym (for the most part I tend to workout anywhere from 4-6 days a week, which I’m proud of)

So this is probably a random post (sorry), but I was thinking about to do lists today. I tend to be a big fan. As soon as something is written on my list, it gets done (I love the feeling of crossing things off). In college, I would write assignments down in multiple places so I could cross out completed assignments more than once (I may be embarrassing myself a little now…).

Anyway, I have felt a little stressed recently, and I have been putting things off when I know I just need to buckle down and do them. I am usually quite the productive person, but I have been in a little bit of a funk recently. In order to feel more on track and in control, I made myself a to do list when I woke up this morning. It had three things on it:

1. Make granola bars for work (we are having a breakfast potluck tomorrow)

2. Clean bathroom/kitchen

3. Work out

And you know what, I did them all (I even cleaned my entire apartment, a task I never want to do)! Although the list was borderline ridiculous (I HAD to make the granola bars, and knew I was going to yoga tonight with my sister), it still felt good to cross things off the list and be productive. Its crazy what a simple task can do for the mood.

I just wanted to remind myself.. when feeling stressed, make a to-do list. It never fails.

Any tasks you hate to do and put off? Are you a fan of to-do lists?


One response

  1. I am the worst commenter EVER. My apologies. I always put balancing my check book off and I always put off grading my kid’s tests, it’s so time consuming! I obv love to-do lists because I am very OCD. I get a high off of crossing things off my to-do list. No??

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