WIAW (January 25, 2012)

So normally, I would be posting my  packed meals for the day (I have a long day of work and school today), but I have been reading blogs for a pretty lengthy amount of time – about 2.5 years(?) – so I thought I’d participate in a trend I have seen time and time again (and always thought I’d participate in if I ever started my own blog)…. What I Ate Wednesday!

(these are actually my meals/snacks from Tuesday. I figured it would be more exciting since I didn’t have school and my meals are more “normal” – also everything won’t be in tin foil and tupperware…)


6:00 am

I have been really into the “yogurt bowls” recently. For breakfast I had plain greek yogurt (sweetened with a little stevia), with a raw oat/cereal mixture,1/2 banana, strawberries, a sprinkling of both flax and raisins, and peanut butter about 1 tbsp?). This breakfast is always so good. I love have everything in its own section and picking what to eat for each bite.

Snack 1

9:30 am

For my mid-morning snack I had a cereal/nut/dried fruit mixture that included apricots, raisins, Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal, walnuts, almonds, and cashews. I love having mixtures like these to pick at while I work through the morning.


12:15 pm

For lunch I had a big salad with kale/spinach, carrots, peppers, chickpeas and quinoa. I had a spicy hummus dressing on top (that I made with hummus, apple cider vinegar, a little water, and a little sriacha) and also ate a Pink Lady apple.

Snack 2

3:00 pm

As a afternoon snack I had a Clif Z bar in the Honey Graham flavor (my second choice of flavor now that I have discovered Iced Oatmeal Raisin Cookie).


6:00 pm

For dinner I made myself a stir fry of bok choy (just bought this for the first time this week and I am a big fan), celery, peppers, mushrooms and snap peas. I sautéed everything with salt, pepper and a little dried ginger. I topped it off with some crispy tofu (sprayed pan, let cubed tofu cook 5 minutes each side – a trick I learned here  – then mixed in some teriakyi sauce), gomasio ( a really good sesame seed replacement), and mixed in some quinoa on the side.

Snack 3/Dessert

I forgot to photograph this one (remembering to do this is HARD), but I had some chopped strawberries with chocolate sauce and a sprinkle of some granola on top.

So that concludes my meals for WIAW. Thank you Peas and Crayons for letting me participate!

Did you eat anything delicious yesterday/plan to eat anything delicious today?

 I hope your have a great Wednesday!


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