February Goals

While I am not a big fan of making new years resolutions,  I love to set mini goals for myself every month. I like to think I have good reasons for this:

  • There is more immediate gratification (you complete them faster!)
  • It is easier to plan and implement them (they tend to be more concrete)
  • Sometimes life changes and plans change, so it is easier to readjust a mini goal vs a “life goal” (‘life goals” are a little overwhelming/stressful, why not keep things simple?)

I always hear how people don’t want to start new goals or tackle new projects “now” because:

  • It’s not a “good” time
  • It is too “hard”
  • They feel they can’t “succeed” at the current moment

I think mini goals are a great solution to these excuses (and I am using “excuses” in the nicest way possible here….). They are a good way to “get your feet wet” and realize that those hard/unattainable goals really aren’t that difficult to achieve when you break them into little steps. Plus, if a goal doesn’t don’t work out, it is super easy to figure out why and rework it  to make it more attainable (for the next months goal list).

Some good mini goals that I have set and achieved recently/in the past:

  • Eat a fruit or vegetable at every meal

I decided to do this almost 2 years ago and now I do it without a second thought. I probably eat wayyy more than the recommended servings/day. I have come to realize how delicious vegetables can be, and I honestly can say I love eating them. 

  • Drink one bottle of water before lunch and after lunch (January goal)

I am really bad at drinking water in the winter. Since I am usually cold already, it is  the last thing I want to do. Although I don’t like to do it, I find that drinking water makes me feel so much better and has a great effect on my skin and energy levels as well (so it is something I should do).

I have started to  keep my Camelbak water bottle at my desk at work and have been focusing on this small task. For the last two weeks, it has really increased my intake!  Goal complete.

Some of my February goals:

  • Do a strength training workout once a week

I have been doing a lot of cardio-based classes recently and have been kind of missing  strength training in my life. Despite the fact that I want to do more strength work, I am a creature of habit, and I keep doing my normal runs and Body Attack classes instead of incorporating this new goal into my routine.

I am also really bad at motivating myself to go to the weight room at the gym (I never feel like I know what I am doing and I find it boring to do 3 sets of anything), and my goal of making it to BodyPump has not been working out. I am expanding this goal this month to make it more attainable.

My new goal is to do any type of strength training once a week. This can include BodyPump (I am enlisting some friends to encourage me to go), the weight room (ugh) or an at home workout. I have been looking on Pinterest and have come across this lovely workout (I love Karena and Katrina):

I think if I have a plan and some ideas to do at home , I will be more excited to do this.  

  • Chew 2 (at most 3) pieces of gum a day

I find that when I am bored at work or sitting through class at night, I chew a lot of gum. I don’t think  gum is a bad thing, but I am chewing way too much of it.  Not only is it an expensive habit (I can go through a pack in 2 days no problem)…. it kind of makes me bloated (TMI?), and I swear it screws up my hunger signals. I find that when I start chewing it, I don’t want to stop.

To try to end this habit, my new goal is to allow myself one piece in the morning (to get rid of coffee breath) and one in the afternoon (after lunch). I am also allowing myself one extra piece to make this more realistic.

  • Do one random act of kindness at least once a week

This one is a little random (no pun intended), but I find that when I focus my energy on others, my own spirit/mood tends to increase as well. I am keeping this one rather open, but I have some ideas up my sleeve….

I remember reading about someone who did a 38 random act of kindness project  on Pinterest a while ago (I think I am becoming a bit obsessed… again) and thought it was such a cute idea: http://mixmingleglow.com/blog/?p=1358. I plan to implement this in a small, budget friendly way….

So those are a few things I plan to work on in the next 26 days… I am already excited to start (who would have thought chewing less gum could be so exciting?)!

What is a mini goal you would like to work on/accomplish in February?


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