In my perfect food/healthy living world….

1. It would be common knowledge that vegetables are not only good for you but also delicious (and fun!)

2. Kombucha  would be on tap at every restaurant/bar (I recently found out that it’s on tap in some bars!) and flavored seltzer would be available in every fountain drink machine

3. Kale chips would be a side option in every sandwich shop (potato chips are overrated….)

4. Fugi and Pink Lady apples would be a popular vending machines option…..



5. Every salad bar would be like Whole Foods’ salad bar

5. Almond milk and Stevia would be options in every coffee shop

6. Every restaurant would offer multiple vegetarian meal options  (that didn’t include pasta and/or heavy cream-based sauces…)

7. I would have an endless supply of nut butters (Sunbutter, Justin’s, PB & Co……) and Larabar/KIND bars….

 What would be required in your “perfect food and/or healthy living world?”


One response

  1. what a perfect healthy living world! mine would look very similar to yours. i am so on your page with the kale chips on the side instead of potato chips and the free kombucha fountains :). I would also love restaurants to offer more veggie dishes that arent based on pasta and heavy creamy cheesy sauces. i also wished people would be more open in general to NEW foods and that there would be a hot food bar in every supermarket. oh there are sososososo many things to add in my perfect healthy living world!

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