WIAW #8 (March 14, 2012)

Hi everyone, how are you doing today?

I’ll admit, I have not been doing my best, and this past week has been a little bit rough for me. I have definitely not been feeling 100%. I have been dealing with some tough, emotional issues and have been a little stressed and overwhelmed, to say the least. Given my current state, I have been all about finding ways to incorporate chocolate into my life (in as healthy a way as possible), and all about  making quick meals that are as easy as possible.

However, despite my rough week, I have been finding that I have still been trying to stay as healthy and as well-balanced as possible when it comes to my eating. If I am  mentally stressed or overwhelmed or what not, there is no need to take this out physically on myself as well…  I find that if I make it a priority to physically take care of myself, I mentally tend to feel better as well…. even if I have to resort more to prepackaged or convenient foods. There is always a way to make it work, right?

On that note, lets move on to the food… Happy WIAW! Here is what I ate yesterday….

Breakfast: 6:30 am

I was inspired by Heather once again (I love her blog!) and decided to try out her go-to breakfast yesterday morning: Chocolate Protein Pudding Oats.

I made mine with:

This breakfast tasted so indulgent and chocolatey, yet was packed with whole grains, protein and healthy fats…  I got to satisfy a chocolate craving and eat a filling, nutritious breakfast all in one… that is a win-win in my book.

Snack: 10:00 am

Midmorning, I snacked on some almonds, raisins and soy nuts to hold me over until lunch.

Lunch: 1:00 pm

I didn’t have to go into work yesterday, so I got to eat lunch with one of my favorite people… my boyfriend, Jon. It was so nice to get to hang out on a random Tuesday afternoon. I ate a pre-made Whole Foods Salad (that was so good), and he ate a Chipotle chicken burrito. We were both quite content with our choices.

I have never had this salad before, but I was quite a fan. I especially liked the peanut noodles and cilantro that was in the mix, and it was such a nice treat (since I never buy my lunch… especially during the week). When times are stressful and I really don’t want to cook or make myself food, I see nothing wrong with buying an overpriced salad here and there…. this one was definitely a winner.

I also had a Honeycrisp apple with my lunch as Jon and I played Family Feud on my phone…. anyone else addicted to this app? I can’t stop playing… which is saying  a lot because I am not a big game player.

 Snack (?): 4:00 pm

I wasn’t hungry for my normal afternoon snack yesterday, but I was craving a kombucha, so I treated myself (and my sister, Sami… I got her one too) to one. We drank them while doing some schoolwork outside a local coffee shop. it was my first time trying the mango flavor, and I definitely liked it. I usually don’t stray from Gingerberry and the Triology flavors, and while this one wasn’t as acidic/vinegar-y as my usual flavor loves, I still really enjoyed it. I love kombucha… why must they be so expensive?!?

I also forgot how much I LOVE (and NEED) sunlight in my life… it was soooo beautiful yesterday, and it better stay that way. I am loving it.

Dinner: 5:30 pm

Before  my usual Tuesday night Body Attack class last night, I made myself a big Greek-inspired salad for dinner that contained:

  • spinach
  • chickpeas
  • cubed tofu
  • radishes
  • carrots
  • broccoli
  • tomato
  • goat cheese
  • greek dressing

I also had a piece of toast with some hummus and a squirt of lemon (I am loving the hummus and lemon combination, it’s so good).

Snack: 8:30 pm

And lastly, as my dessert/post-workout snack I had banana smoothie bowl that was made by combining the following in my Magic Bullet:

  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 ice cubes
  • a small spoonful of pb on top

This was very refreshing and delicious, but I am having some issues with my magic bullet…. I can never get all of the ice to fully blend! Does anyone else have this problem/have any suggestions on how to solve this issue?

And that concludes my meals/snacks from yesterday… I hope you all had some delicious food yesterday as well!


How do you stay healthy when busy/stressed?

What is your favorite smoothie recipe (with the warm weather I see myself getting inspired…. I need ideas!)


12 responses

  1. Sorry you’ve been dealing with a lot of ‘ish’ in your life…I find that I tend to be more focused on my diet and exercise when everything is crazy because it is one thing I CAN control, you know? Plus, you are right about your body feeling healthy making your mental health stronger. [At least, I agree with you, for whatever it is worth. ;)]

    Gingerberry and Gingerade have been my favorite flavors since I developed the very expensive obsession. I recently found I love the Passionberry, but haven’t ventured into Mango because I was a little nervous….might try it next time. [I like the Guava Goddess…and not just because it has “goddess” in the name.]

    • I am glad that I am not the only one who believes in the mental/physical health connection… and I totally agree with the control aspect of diet/exercise when life gets crazy (as long as its used in fueling your body/self in a healthy way….).

      I have always been interested in Passionberry but have been scared to try it! I always find it hard to stray from my go-to flavors since I view Kombucha as a treat and don’t want to be disappointed…. You just may have inspired me to try it out! I would definitely recommend the Mango, especially when its warm out… it tastes so tropical and festive.

      Thanks for the comment and for visiting!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I got the salad container at Ross Stores–its from the Fit & Fresh line.

    You do a stellar job of getting nutrient dense eats–I will have to check out Heather’s chocolate pudding recipe–dessert for b-fast! 🙂

    Body attack class–oh, do tell more!

    • I am going to have to go on a search for that container! And definitely try out the oats!… or even just the Vega, it’s so good in EVERYTHING (hot oatmeal, overnight oatmeal, in smoothies….).

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. So sorry to hear that you’ve been having a bit of a rough week. I hope things settle down for you real soon.
    All your eats look absolutely beautiful! I must try one of those chocolate protein puddings. I can just imagine how lush it tastes! I think my son would love it too!

  4. Hey Dana!

    I’m so happy you liked the protein pudding oats. Perfect way to start the day. 🙂 I’m sorry that you’ve been having a “meh” kind of day. I hope everything is getting better for you! ❤

    I'm all about planning. If you set yourself up for success, its impossible to fail! Every Sunday, I plan my meals and snack for the week. That way, if life gets in the way (as it is wont to do), I won't feel temped to stress eat or be frustrated.

  5. I’m sorry you’re feeling so stressed out. I hope the sun cheers you up! When I know I’m going to be really busy (and I’m an actor, so when I have rehearsals or a show going on + my day job, I am crazy busy), I make a huge batch of something veggie-filled to get me through the week. Also, salads are your best friend during those times, bc they’re easy to throw together. I just top them with a veggie burger or something to give them more staying power. However, there are definitely days when I just succumb to the drive thru…

    • Hi Katie! Thanks for the tip! I love making big batches of grain & veggie salads to have for lunches and planning ahead definitely makes meal planning/packing SO much easier…. I really like the idea of including a veggie burger on a salad for lunches, I am going to have to try that out!

      Thanks for visiting!

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