Thoughts from a minivan

I sometimes find that my most most clear/profound thoughts come to me at the most random times.

Today I had a moment while picking up my company’s minivan from Pep Boys (long story short… the battery died, had to be replaced, and given that I had nothing pressing to do at work today, I was the lucky one who got to pick it up).

my sweet ride

Anyway, as I first waited for a city bus to take me to the Pep Boys, I started pondering life/my future (which is completely normal, right?), and started thinking about a conversation I had with my coworker, Taylor.

We were talking about careers earlier today (a topic we frequently discuss since we are both figuring out grad school/future plans right now), and discussing how difficult it can be to figure out “what you want to do with your life.” I was telling Taylor how I  keep getting  so frustrated and overwhelmed because I know what I am passionate about (nutrition, food, wellness, cooking….), but I don’t know what path to follow (psych, RD, culinary arts…)  or what career I eventually envision myself having. When you know you don’t want a cookie cutter career (like teacher, doctor, lawyer….), but still want to be successful, it can be quite difficult to draft a plan for yourself.  I have never been one to steer away from the “normal” path.

Something very helpful that Taylor said to me (she is so good at being blunt and  helping me see things in a different perspective) is this, “What do you see yourself doing if the path to get there wasn’t an issue? How will (insert degree) get you where you want to be?”

I realized (at this point I was finished at Pep Boys and driving back to work in the minivan) that all of my hesitation, doubt, and overwhelming thoughts stem from worrying about the “path,” not the final outcome.  I am scared of making  a bad choice, “wasting” my time in school, putting myself in more debt that I can handle, worrying that the end result won’t be worth it, and so on. Although these are valid and important thoughts to have when considering career options, it is not all that matters.

I saved part of a post I saw on Girl Meets Life a while back (written by Caitlin from the Twenty-Fifth Year) that I liked, and it is actually very relevant to this.

“Think about what you love.  Take away the fear of being judged, of failing and the uncertainty of what the result will be. Take away the audience, your peers and the idea of facing adversity. What are you left with? Oh yeah, that thing you love. And your mojo.”

I think this is something I have been failing to do recently. I have been getting so caught up in my fear, uncertainty and doubts that I have completely lost focus of what is important and why I am trying to figure all of this out in the first place.  But since there’s no time like the present, I think I am ready to put my fear/judgment/uncertainty aside… life may not always be easy, but it is too short to not do what you love.

I think I may need to take random mid-day road trips at work more often…


Where do tend to think best? Other than minivans, I tend to come to many revelations on long car rides or often on long runs

Is there anything you love that are scared to pursue because of fear, judgment, etc.?