Things I’m Loving Right Now (Take 2)

In case you missed my first installment: Things I’m Loving Right Now (Part 1)

1.Clif Mojo bars (Mountain Mix flavor)

I usually don’t eat a lot of granola bars, but given my busier schedule these days, they have become quite a convenient snack. I was just talking about how much I enjoy the sweet/salty combo… and this flavor is the PERFECT mix. so.good.

  • salty = peanuts, almonds pretzels
  • sweet = raisins, cranberries, chocolate chips

2. Belting out Taylor in the car

Since starting night classes, I have a 20-30 minute commute to and from school every week, 3x a week (sometimes longer with traffic). I thought I would hate these drives, but I have actually been enjoying the extra thinking time and more so, the ability to belt out some Taylor Swift and dance like a complete  idiot in my car (thank god its dark outside when I drive home….). I have been especially liking Mean, Ours, and Mine (if you were curious).

3. My new Pilot G2 07 pens

I recently got an assorted pack of these pens and I love them. They make me want to write things down and take notes, and I swear they make me write neater. They are slightly gelly (I think I just made that word up?), but don’t bleed/smear like other gel-type pens I’ve tried. I hope I don’t sound like a loser for getting so excited over pens… but I can’t help it. When you do a lot of writing every day, a good pen is completely necessary.

4. Bethenny is getting her own talk show!

This is not exactly a “thing” I’ve been loving, but I had to share this. I just heard about it on Tuesday (from Twitter… which I am very new at and very confused about, by the way), and I am so excited. I am a HUGE Bethenny fan. I find her very inspiring and motivating, and I love how blunt/real she is. I also love Skinnygirl Margaritas, Bethenny Ever After, and I am a big supporter of Bethenny’s views on health/fitness/wellness in general (her book Naturally Thin is actually what initially got me interested in living a more healthy/balanced lifestyle).

I know a lot of people hate on Bethenny, but I am a big supporter and will always be a  fan.

I hear her show will be on FOX this summer and…. anyone else a Bethenny fan?

5. Kale

Well, I usually always am a big kale fan, but I recently bought it at the grocery store and have been enjoying it in many  lunches and dinners this past week. I have been loving it raw in salads and sandwiches, as well as steamed/sautéed in various stir-frys. Not only is it super cheap (I think its  .99 cents/lb. at my local grocery store which can get you A LOT of kale and, it’s SO light!), but it is so good for you! I always love it when foods that are good (as in delicious) are also good for me. It’s a win-win.

If you’ve never had it, I recommend making kale chips (tear the kale into pieces and bake at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes (approx.), flipping once). They are really addicting and especially good with ketchup.

Anything you’ve been loving recently?


Things I’m Loving Right Now….

1. Spike seasoning

I first heard about it on one of Bethenny’s YouTube Videos or possibly her blog, but I had never seen it in any store. When I was in my local co-op this past weekend and spotted it, I knew I had to try it (I have a slight obsession with Bethenny and basically love her/everything she does… but that’s a topic for another post). It is described as “THE Healthy Lifestyle Seasoning” and contain only natural ingredients. I bought the Hot’N’Spicy variety and have been loving it. I have been putting it on my salads, toast, and have used it to season salmon…. It adds such a nice kick of flavor to things. I may need to try out the other varieties (there are 9 others!) in my future…

2. Clif Iced Oatmeal Cookie Zbar

I first saw this flavor (is it new?) on Courtney’s blog last week, and when I saw them at Trader Joe’s this past weekend, I was so excited (anyone else get excited about new food finds?)! I LOVE ZBars (honey graham is usually my go to flavor), and this one legitimately tastes just like an oatmeal cookie.  I am actually disappointed I only bought myself one at the store. I kind of want one right now…

3.  Hot Power Yoga

I took a class Monday night after a very long  yoga break (I was a Girls on the Run Coach in the fall which interfered with my gym’s yoga class schedule), and I forgot how much I LOVE yoga!  It is so challenging yet calming at the same time. This particular class was pretty hard, but it felt so good to stretch and feel the yoga burn that I don’t get in any other workout. It has been two days since the class and I am still sore!

 Also, at the end of this particular class (during savasana), the instructor puts a cold, scented towel on your forehead, which, I won’t lie, is probably my favorite part of class. It feels AMAZING! I must remember to do more yoga…

4. My Magic Bullet

I just got it for Christmas, and I am in love (as I seem to be with a lot of things in this post).  It is so easy to use, and now I don’t have to clean my clunky blender anymore! I have never been a big blender user (since I always HATED cleaning it), but recently, I can’t get enough. I find myself brainstorming ways to use it. So far I have only done a limited amount of things such as making post-workout smoothies, grating carrots,  and making mmm sauce (which, by the way, is so delicious I can literally eat it by the spoonful…which I recommend you do), but I need to think of more things to do with it….

5. Wall decorations

I have been working at my current job for about 8 months now, and I have always hated that we had no artwork or pictures on the walls. Our office already doesn’t have any windows or outside light (which drives me CRAZY… I never have any idea as to whether its raining, snowing, dark, light…. thank god for the weather app on my phone), so the blank walls made all of our offices seem so cold and unwelcoming.

This week, however, we finally hung some pictures! Our boss had some old paintings she didn’t want, so they got donated to the office. Granted, these paintings are probably not pieces that I would pick out myself (can’t say I am a big fan of bird/fish pictures),  but this simple addition makes such a difference! I don’t know why we didn’t do a anything sooner.

What have you been loving recently?