Thursday Waffles

Good morning! How are you doing today? (good news… my Biology test is finished, and I think I did well!)

I am so glad that it’s Thursday. I have Chemistry lecture and lab from 5-10 on Fridays (I am so exciting, I know), so Thursdays kind of feel like my Fridays sometimes. I love just going to work in the morning and knowing I will be home at a reasonable hour to work out, eat dinner (off of a plate), hang out with my boyfriend/friends…, etc.

So while I do love being busy and being challenged, I definitely need the balance of these “lazier” (since I’m still at work by 7/7:30 am), more relaxed days as well. It’s all about the balance, right?

Anyway, to “celebrate” the completion of my Bio test,  I had a delicious breakfast this morning that I must share:

I made myself 2 Kashi Multigrain toaster waffles with 2 different types of toppings (something I seem to be a fan of these days…. I love having variety!):

  • Waffle 1: peanut butter, defrosted peaches (I have a HUGE frozen fruit mixture from Costcos), a sprinkle of ground flax
  • Waffle 2: goat cheese, defrosted strawberries (from same bag), and honey….I am really loving the goat cheese + strawberry combo lately

This was so easy to pull together, and I felt like I was eating such a “special” breakfast for a random Thursday morning. All I did was:

  • put waffles in toaster oven
  • microwave fruit for 1 minute, 30 seconds
  • get out peanut butter, goat cheese, flax and honey
  • spread peanut butter on 1/2, sprinkle goat cheese on other 1/2….. top each with fruit and “toppings”

Total time: 5-6 minutes (I know this because I am super aware of my time in the morning…. I have quite the streamlined schedule).

While I am usually a peanut butter and banana fan in the morning and put the two on EVERYTHING including, oatmeal (regular and overnight), yogurt, toast/waffles, cereal…. it was fun to switch things up and have a different fruit and topping combo. If you haven’t tried goat cheese and strawberries yet… DO IT (it’s so good).

I hope you have a great day!

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?